Elgin County embarks in pilot to strengthen food industry connections

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Good to see that some one is looking deeper into this and further into it . We used to have local canning companies in SW Ontario but most got bought and gutted and sold piece by piece . One by the teachers union I was told . I hope this shows the Ag Minister that more has to be done than just talk about how important Ag is to the Economy . The Minister and some of her staff should well know that processing is an added value when you look at the whole value chain . But don't forget that products will need to be priced at a competitive price in a global market and that will mean wages paid will also have to be competitive other wise you might as well fold up the tent before you start .

With the Global Marketplace today and the big box stores it is becoming more difficult to support our local farmers and heritage. I am in the process of locating Local farmers who would like to participate in a Farmers Market to be located in the Memorial Park in Vienna. This market is scheduled to open when fresh produce from the area is available' Further information can be found on the Municipality of Bayham's web site. We must support our own. Randy Breyer 519-874-1137

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