On-farm energy production has role to play in national energy strategy

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Ontario could play a lead role in establishing the infrastructure to support energy production from biomass, says conference organizer

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Mike Bouk is the Executive Director of Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd. Ag Energy Co-operative is an independent, farmer-owned co-operative formed in 1988 to provide energy products and services to its Members and Ontario agriculture. It represents half of the natural gas consumed by Ontario greenhouses and one third of the electricity consumed by Ontario agriculture. They are known for providing their members “Energy Strategies…Energy Solutions” and understanding the importance of researching and evaluating all energy options available to outline opportunities for Ontario agriculture.

The title of this article is a major understatement. The biomass from 2nd generation, high yield crops will replace most of the energy consumed on this planet over the coming decades.

It continues to amaze me to see obviously knowledgeable people limit there scope of learning based on their limited regional crop viability. There are already 28M acres of orchards planted on the planet and there are projections of over 300M acres by 2020. This is roughly 180B gallon of biodiesel/year that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable. This provides a solid migration to micro algae at some point in the future.

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