Farm Products order leaves tobacco board in limbo

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Board can’t pursue class action against tobacco companies without provincial agency’s permission

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The Commission has to let the Board finish what they started. They have not yet secured a complete package for the growers. Reliquishing our quota for $1.05 does not cut it. Once the debts are paid off the farmers are left with little to absolutely nothing - many are still in huge debt. The lawsuit will pay for itself and the board is working on behalf of their membership. If the board is pursuing a crop for tobacco farmers to transition to then the Commission should realize that this is the most responsible thing the Board can do for its members and let it be. If the mandate of the Board has to be adjusted to allow all this then so be it. Let the people do their job. They have the ways, means and knowleged to continue on on our behalf. Why on earth would your replace them or dissolve the board when they are not finished. Again Common Sense -why is it when we are dealing with the government common sense dissapears?

This is typical of the Liberal government the farm products commission.I wonder who they really work for ???

This is what happens when people with political aspirations are place in positions of Authority; they become lackeys to those that put them there

Minister Dombrowsky should hang her head in shame that she is allowing this to happen. The liberal government under Premier Dalton McGuinty is refusing to participate in the Federal buyout program and using the FPMC to limit producers’ ability to fight the issue.

We as tobacco farmers should take a page from the pork producers who have also had the ability of the producer elected board to manage its affairs undermined by a FPMC. Appeal the orders of the FPMC to the Appeals Tribunal. Then we can continue as we please while the tribunal sorts the mess out.

Limbo down FPMC you are continuing to lower the bar for Ontario Agriculture.

About time government took control of this cesspool of self-serving individuals. Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission needs to get rid of them asap for the sake of Canadian taxpayers. The Commission should be suing them for self-dealing and fraud on the taxpayers.

Very strong words - you sure do NOT know what you are talking about.

The lawsuit will move forward with or without the board. The province has really stiffed the growers. The growers who left in 2005 got $1.74 and sold their equipment into a decent market. Unfortunately, the funding for the TAPP program could not accommodate all of the growers who wanted to leave. Now, the remaining growers are stuck with $1.05 and no market for machinery. How are we supposed to invest for a transition when there is still bank debt from tobacco?

The government has taken at gunpoint the quota for which I paid. My equipment has been made worthless. Even the price of scrap is down. The government has expropriated my family's livelihood at 30 cents on the dollar.

And to make it a double whammy, many of the people from the area who used to work in tobacco have been laid off from their transition jobs in the auto parts industry.

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