Farmers urged to keep an eye out for vandals

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I am not vegan, I am 100% against cages and farming animals for fur, it is a disgusting act performed by sadistic folk who see nothing but money in Gods creation. Lets face it criminals are treated better than most of these caged creatures.
Damage to a building is OK so long as no living being gets hurts, Buildings etc are not living beings

So you would be O.K. with some one damaging your buildings or property ?

Do others on this site feel the preceding post "beware of lies" should be reported to the articles suggested 'reporting agencies' as a potential threat to rural people their property livelihood and safety?

There is little point in printing a suggested protocol for rural security and turn a blind eye to those who publish vandalism to rural buildings as an ok pastime.

Better Farming should post an online signup board to be forwarded as outlined within the article. Thanks for the advice in the article BF and help to keep rural Ont safe.

With all the recent talk of anti bullying legislation and internet protocols someone now advocates in public print the destruction of private property.... purposely destroying farmers equity in property.

Incitement (definition) is an inchoate or anticipatory offence akin to attempt or conspiracy under the common law of England and Wales. It was an inchoate.[1] It consisted of persuading, encouraging, instigating, pressuring, or threatening so as to cause another to commit a crime.

As I am writing this I am forced to ask, whats the difference between a barn destroyed or quota destroyed trough incitement? Not much difference between Thompson advocating the destruction of the quota system? effectively destroying or harming farmers legally acquired equity presumably without compensation outside the process of law.

Aren't there laws about inciting private property destruction akin to terrorism? Advocating and condoning private destruction of property is threatening. Taking an action (including trespassing) outside legal process of law is criminal.

What about the continued destruction of the after-tax wealth of consumers by the confiscatory powers given to supply managed farmers?
In addition, while quota equity may have been legally acquired, in much the same way that, prior to the US civil war, slaves could have been legally acquired, the moral principles of both, given the adverse effect on slaves then, and the economic enslavement of consumers now, are equally unconscionable.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

After making such dramatic comparisons as slavery, albeit rather a stretch, why has such a learned eloquently linguistic economist as yourself not stepped forward to bring a legal challenge for the moral injustices you describe as irrefutable fact?

Why if we could just get this in court you could ask the questions for the prosecution and run around to answer for the defense, just so they would get the answer right, maybe even give expert instruction to the judge!

The original subject line was for farmers to be vigilant about crime, not SM and not slavery. There are many forms of persecution and deceit that causes injurious harm.

It seems time for this to be tested in court for all the atrocities you feel are being perpetrated on society or ...well ...there is no short or gracious way to say it... shut up.

So just what does SM have to do with vandalism ?

It's contradictory for farmers to work themselves into high dudgeon when crimes are committed against them, but see nothing wrong with the economic "crimes" they commit against consumers every day.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Your analogy makes no sense.

'Slaves' were deemed as "property" through history.

Someone earlier on this site that "quota" is not property.
So which way is it? Is quota property or not?

Your argument plays both sides at the same time.

I think its call Hate Crime.

The migrant worker went to the Human Rights Tribunal because his dignity was hurt by non-private comments.

Except the quota isn't the farmer's "property" I guess all that doesn't apply.

If a farmer buys quota, treats it as capital, if its not "property", then tell us what quota is.

Rural Ont has had a reputation for being a loving gentle place to live raise children and enjoy nature PEACEFULLY. Thanks for the heads up that you do not appreciate our friendly demeanor or respect our property.

It is urban attitudes that are changing rural people. With a constant barrage of urban demand for downloaded food safety, bio security, and environmental guarantees to be provided for the cheapest food buck, we are now to accept vandalism as your choice to communicate your thoughts for managing our business.

Adding to the rural frustration is police response time for theft and vandalism. Of late police response is only about gun crime as there has been a pattern of too much trouble to investigate rural concerns.

Quite mature of you to decree "rural building vandalism as ok", and with no reserve or respect at all, if you had signed your name we would gladly have taken you off the food list.

Now for-warned, be assured your reception, other than at the front door during business hours with a prior appointment will be different...much different.

Please be on notice the rural attitude toward urban people wanting to enjoy country in any capacity as they have in the past for free (hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, bird watching, photography, fishing etc) other than pay at the store is fast fading.

negative no more

you may not be a vegan but you need to be in a mental institution if you really believe what you wrote

As a long-time observer of the animal activist movement I was surprised to read last week's item about alleged animal activist vandalism in the Niagara region. It strikes me as a bit alarmist and somewhat unwarranted. While it is indeed important to keep vigilant, the four reports cited in the article have occured over a full year. I suspect Niagara Regional Police receive that many reports in any given week of vandalisms, property damage and theft in general at regional farms and agri-businesses. More-over, the timings of these four incidents may have more to do with the going-ons of activists behind the scenes (not mentioned in the article) than area protests. If the latter was the case, given the growing number of animal activist protests around the province, we would be seeing far more illegal activist activites targeting farms. Farmers should be practicing sound security measures - such as locking doors, farm visitor procedures, and watching out for and reporting trespassers - as a general rule. Just as in cities, preventing rural crime regardless of the motivation, needs to become a way of life.
Leslie Ballentine, Ballentine Communications Group

Farm vandals are not only for animal farms to worry about . Have you ever had a peice of equipment targeted ? Tires shot , burned , stolen , glass broken . One of the biggest problems is the fact that police just don't have the numbers to respond when a call comes in and they put those calls off unless they are not busy .

A second problem is the fact that the fine for trespassing is so out of date that it is a joke .

If you own or rent land it is not always that there is hydro and buildings on those properties . Some are down some less travelled roads with no houses .

The third problem is the fact that many people think that farm land is park land and it is their God given right to do what ever they want on it .

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