Feds lean on USA to get rid of labelling law

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Ritz can bluff and bluster all he wants, but the US can, and will, do exactly what it wants with COOL, in exactly the same way we do it to the US with supply management.

It's Ritz who sounds like a "broken record" when he talks about integrated North American markets, yet studiously defends our supply management system which integrates nothing.

Anyone who thinks that COOL has no relationship to the US being fed up to the teeth with four decades of crap from Canada about closed borders for dairy and poultry products, is dreaming in technicolour.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Funny thing how it has taken the US over 4 decades to offer some fight back against Supply Management and then they miss their mark and hit the Canadian Pork and Beef guys.
It will probably take the Canadian politicians 4 decades to actually do some sort of mild retaliation,in the mean time its strictly hot air coming from Mr. Ritz

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