Feds target rural Internet access in budget

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Where are eastern livestock in the new budget? Why just the west?

The hat leaders wear is always evident . Sort of like the nose on their face . So many times it is that they can not remove them selves from their own area or their farm product . They always seem to evolve back to their own roots after being elected . Time and time again you can see this happen . The only way to fix it is to demand better from our elected representatives . It is sad to be honest about it but many in agriculture just allow it to keep happening .

Great news they are getting more inspectors for the food in Canada , hope they put an end to some of the crap being serve up to us. But when they cut the inspectors a few years back they likely got a package deal like all government workers do and now they get their job back with likely a healthy raise.

Thank you, Mark. I couldn't have said it better. Spot on!

joann vergeer

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