Flu hits pork prices

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Commodity markets soften as the world reacts to new flu strain

Update: Tuesday April 28, 2009, 11:34 AM


Seems sad to hear this but this is a political nightmare. Leave it up to countries to cancel the orders they have so as to drop the price of pork to their advantage
Watch out because once the price has dropped they all of a sudden they come back and purchase at a lower price. we have seen it before with other things those countries have purchased.
It's now an opportunity for then again using the swine flu tactics to force price down. And the swine flu doesn't even relate to swine. And WHO better smarten up with their experts knowing it all
sure as heck they don't know much time they use common sense.
But someone will make $ doing this. The governments better start thinking as well

This is a complete outrage! I grew up on the farm (hogs) and to see my dad and his brothers struggle so much these past 2.5 years breaks my heart...especially since there is no help or really hope for the future...especially now with the swine flu..thank God they changed the name...hopefully that helps.

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