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We have a handful of Food Hub clients that I would be happy to forward your survey to, but they are all American companies. Are you looking specifically for Ontario companies to participate or anyone?

So why is it that there is financial support needed ? Seems like yet another suck and bleed dollars from the Gov .
I don't remember the Liberals getting re-elected in rural Ontario . Maybe the food being grown for these food hubs is being grown in urban areas .

It says so right in the survey.

Judging by many of Nourishing Communities' members I suspect this group favours the organic marketing label, and is against GMOs.

To me, this position seems to be quite the opposite of sustainable according to the research that arrives daily that shows that certified organic production is absolutely not sustainable, and that GMO production results in higher yields using less pesticides and energy.

I'm all for setting up better systems for accessing fresher healthy food but I'd like to know what "sustainable" means to Nourishing Communities?

If they feel it means certified organic, will conventional farmers and products be unwelcome at food hubs?

As the purpose of this government funded study is to allow the group to ask for government funding of food hubs, I think this is a fair question to ask.

Once the produce is dropped off it will all be classed as organic and sold at a higher price . Heck we can't even get the local grocery stores to label food right between Local , Canadian grown , Import or organic .

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