Future undecided for dairy quota for Kemptville and Alfred campuses

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The larger issue is why public money is being spent on dairy research in the first place, quota or no quota, when the benefit is going to only about 4,000 millionaire quota-holders.

According to my arithmetic, there is just under 374 kg of DFO-owned quota kicking around various colleges and Universities in Ontario. Therefore, by any measure, it costs a lot of taxpayer dollars to support the cow numbers, the support staff, the land and machinery, and the researchers required to do whatever it is dairy researchers do that isn't being done elsewhere- and it's money which, I suggest, could easily be spent elsewhere, and for the benefit of a lot more people.

Simply stated, if the University of Guelph was looking to save money, cutting dairy research would be an excellent place to start.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

I could ask why Government money is also spent on a new pear variety,or Pork processors going bankrupt or a host of other money-absorbing Agr-sectors that don't add to the Canadian economy the same way the dairy industry does.

If your arithmetic is so good maybe you could add up the milk cheque dollar numbers that 374 kg of quota would bring into the University!

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