Grain growers protest seed bill

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Private member’s bill passes second reading to the disappointment of Ontario’s largest commodity organization


It would appear in their attempt to co-tow to big business the Grain Farmers of Ontario didn't bother to read the bill in question. Considering the economic harm to farmers if something goes wrong should be a no-brainer - and would be a benefit to their members. All you need to do is look out west to Triffid flax and RR Canola and see what can happen to farmers markets and their livlihoods if things go wrong. And they go wrong all the time.

And this bit about 'science-based' is funny. There is no science based approach currently. Basic science means peer-reviewed research. That does not happen at all. It is all secret and the companies are taken at their word. Science-based would actually be a refreshing change.

You are so's crap.

Given this is a subject of considerable significance for the future success of the producers, one has to wonder did the GFO work from a directive or guiding principal of resolutions or upon personal opinion? 'Science-based'has only been as creditable as the finances of influence are proportionate to political approvals. With several board members directly involved with the seed industry what conflict of interests were declared?

How come the price of canadian flax dropped in value from $10.00 a bushel to $2.00 a bushel when it was discovered our flax was contaminated with G.E. seeds.

If we were to always pass technology based on perception instead of science, we would not have cell phones because of the perceived radioactivity, apples would be labelled hazardous because of the toxic seeds within, peanut butter would be pulled off the shelf...
Get real.
And yet people complain that they want to drink raw milk, which by the way, has killed young children.
Get real.

Funny cars have killed kids to . Bet you still drive one

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