Grains and oilseeds merger encounters opposition

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Staff shuffles indicate a 'railroad job was forthcoming,' says group

This article came out in Better Farming to-day. It seems many people in Ont. feel free to use the name "Grass Root Farmers" to attract credibility and attention to their chosen opinion.

The opinion of all is relevant but it is important that the credibility of the original group of Grass Root Farmers that have been meeting for the last 4 yrs be maintained. It is also important that the issues chosen to be campaigned under the name Grass Root Farmers of Ont. reflect the consensus of the majority of the group from across the province. The name Grass Root Farmers of Ont.has been registered for the following web domain (and e-mail) as well as the name registered to the original group.

The original group of Grass Root Farmers of Ont. has looked for support and input from across the province It is expected that this support will continue as we face the ongoing and continuing economic and political challenges facing agriculture in Ont. today.

Bruce Pearse on behalf of

Too Funny!! You think that this so called "original" group of Grassroots Farmers are the ONLY ones with credibility? There is no credibility to your "web domain" or email address claims. There is no registered organization anywhere I can find, and nothing comes up in a search of google to substantiate your claims. ANYONE can get an email address starting with whatever they want and ours happens to be " What have you achieved in your time of existence to back up your credibility claims??

The real credibility or (lack thereof) is with OFPMC and Minister Dombrowsky. As the article states, Elmer Buchanan was appointed for a few short months and the day after the GFO announcement, he was pulled from the job. Also,you can see that 16-17% of eligible farmers voted in this vote and if 70% voted "yes", that amounts to 11% of total eligible voters. Definitely not democracy, especially when OFPMC staff was quoted at meetings saying that it would take 50% of producers or 50% of production (held by producers)and a majority of 66% of those voting to make a case to go forward with GFO. When the Government "gives" farmers something this easy, do you think it will be good for farmers in the long run? I very much doubt it. Just wait until this Government does not extend the RMP program after the end of the trial period of 2009. They did not give RMP because of farmer pressure, they only gave it at the last minute of the last election campaign when John Tory promised it in his campaign. This Government is not farmer friendly, you wait and see!

Dave Patterson

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