Hay East winds down, feed shortage continues

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Thank You to all who were involved & participated . It may well be that there still is not enough but all involved should be recognised for their effort .

So how many got hay that don't feed a bale or a slice a year ?
What was the critieria for getting on the list ?
How many hay dealers got hay to re-sell ?

Strange....NO hay to be bought in the fall....
March, April, May comes around and there is all sorts to be had! 2012 Hay at ridiculous prices.
A BIG hearfelt thanks to those who hoarded their hay and forced us to slaughter our livestock.

I sold hay all winter and for a good price , it was really good hay and sold it for less than what others was selling it for and still people wanted it for free. How do someone making a living at something suppose to give their produce away for next too nothing , while the price of everything is going up. Some people say they what hay and at the last minute say they are getting a load from the out west and they don,t need ours. There was a lot of hay that I seen for sale was taking advantage of the lack of hay in Ontario and not everyone done that. So remember the ones that screwed everyone and probably they wouldn,t be selling hay again anyways.

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