Hazelnut venture looks promising

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Crack open a hazelnut and you’ll find a solid business opportunity but expect a long wait for it to be realized. Researchers involved in developing the crop in Ontario estimate it could take up to 10 years to break even and commercialization is in the early stages

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They've got to be kidding - the net present value of something that takes ten years to break even, even at today's ridiculously low interest rates, is well-below zero.

In addition, who's to say the market won't be flooded, in year nine, with cheap imports from somewhere that started a year earlier than we did?

I almost had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1

Where in Ontario can I purchase hazelnut seedlings?

Mori Essex Nurseries

Bet the nurseries are making a profit before 10 years.

--maybe add this too the hemp deal, triticale , berkshire pigs ,pigeons,emu's...hey i just hope too be alive and healthy in 10 yrs................an ontario farmer who wonders why gov't has given up on agriculture

It is troubling to see how short sighted and narrow minded many readers are regarding new ventures. Of course anything to do with trees takes years to develop. Our forest industries are huge and do not rejuvenate over night. The players involved do not look at one crop season to the next. Why is it so hard for many to think outside the box?

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