Health Canada blames corn and soybean growers for bee deaths

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The Heading is a little mis-leading considering PMRA's Scott Kirby on CTV's Canada AM said the issue of declining Bee populations is about more than just pesticides.

Well for any one who read the Federal Ag committee minutes on pollinators, they would have quickly noticed that PMRA was more concerned about their reputation then they were about the actual issue of the Neonic's, it was very troubling to read those minutes and see how the PMRA felt there reputation was at stake and wanted to proceed slowly in a ban to take the heat off of them.

lets forget about who is at fault for these products coming to the market place and lets move forward with a ban. There is so much evidence to support banning them and even the researchers at Perdue University said there 2 year study didn't show any improvement in yield from the use of the Neonic seed treatments. I have never in the 20 yrs that I have been growing corn and soys ever used NeoNic seed treatment nor would I ever, I have been a canary in the coal mine on this issue and sure enough science has proven my thoughts correct. There is no independent studies that I am aware of that shows Neonic's lead to more yield ??? SO why all this fuss over a product that is dangerous and not needed, its all because of money and ego's and nothing to do with doing the right thing....


Sean McGivern

Bees have had mites and nosema(dysentry) for years along with other diseases, alll of which are treatable and controlled by the Bee Keeper.Pesticide poisoning cannot be treated and is Terminal. I had 5 hives for 4 years and never lost one and now with the Pesticide--They Are all Dead and Gone.

How can we help and fight the BS companies that are killing us and our environment.

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