Beetle won’t be easy to contain, beekeeper warns

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Ontario’s beekeepers are watching the handling of a hive beetle infestation in Essex County


Is anybody doing an experiment with a Warre bee hive.

Does allowing the bees to go for longer periods without being disturbed by beekeeper inspection allow the bees to contain the beetles within their own propolis, it would be interesting for all to know.

Many thanks


Is it not a good ideato start to work with the genetics of feral colonies? If the survive without management, they should thrive with it.

the agriculture branch is out to lunch on this effort as usual. the bumble bee is the only hope , as a survivor of gov. management programs as a bee keeper i believe the only hope to get out of the mess beekeepers have is to get rid of the gov. bee mismanagement program and open are borders to import of bees from the U.S. the gov. has destroyed what was once a thriving business beekeeping was once the the largest in the world ,in Canada and is now almost non existent, we need bees to pollinate,so we can eat. the mess that exists in the bee industries is gov. inflicted. bees do not see borders bee disease is caused mostly by one major thing stress, bees are not native , and do not survive our long winters,without the fresh bees from the U.S. we will never get back our bee industry, Now we can get disease resistant bees from the states for half the price we pay for replacement bees now that are already stressed and Carrie disease

All I can say is...Emerald Ash Bettle...How's that working out for you? Quarantine my a$$'ve got it, so figure out how to live with it...nuff said.

How about stopping these little crittures in there trasitional stage from larvae entering the ground and eventually as the beetle,and attack the little ground dwelling bas*3tards using active nematodes.....hmmmm

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