Hunger striker eases back slowly into routine

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Raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt says it was easy to give up food to reach his goal of a meeting with Ontario’s premier


I am kindly surprised that this man has had a meeting with Dolittl.I hope he gets some success

To bad our farmleaders would try the same tactic

Our farm leaders are "elected". Micheal Shmidt was not.

Take a look at a certain past

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It's sad that a farmer would have to starve himself for almost 37 days in order to get the attention of our Ontario Premier. He is a courageous man who stands up for what he believes in. Glad to hear he's slowly strengthening his body again. He'll need the strength for Nov. 25 (Ontario sentence hearing) and Dec. 5 (BC court case).

Now that he has sacrificed so much to start the conversation at Queen's Park about raw milk and food freedom, let's see if the powers-that-be will really come to understand the truth about producing safe raw milk in this province.

Let's see if the government still thinks it's their job to tell us what to eat and drink.

If no one has gotten sick from drinking raw milk from Schmidt's farm in 17 years, then why not allow the legal distribution and sale of raw milk that is carefully produced using traditional, biodynamic methods? It should be regulated and certified for safety, and not offered to the public. Private contracts between the farmer and consumer should be upheld.

Ordinary people need to keep speaking up and letting their MPPs, MPs and McGuinty know that they've had enough of this nonsense.

One day Canada will enter the 21st century and we'll eventually have access to fresh, raw milk like in other G8 countries.

Until then, Schmidt and the rest of us who want food freedom will have to keep fighting the good fight.

This is more than one man's fight to supply an illegal product. This is about our decision to consume food of our choosing. Monsanto has expressed a desire for "seed to plate" control of the food system, and monopoly milk marketing boards are largely responsible for the shenanigans of public health authorities.

It is very important to note that no one has ever been sickened by Michael Schmidt's milk, and no pathogens have ever been found in his milk. Cars kill people, but persecuting Michael Schmidt is like confiscating a parked car, because it "might" cause an injury on death at some point.

According to an analysis of US Centre for Disease Control data conducted by Dr. Ted Beals, you are 1,000 times more likely to be injured in a traffic accident while going to pick up your raw milk than you are to be sickened by that milk. And yet, cars remain legal!

When was the last time we saw a farmer go on a hunger strike ? It is amazing in this day and age that we can't see past big business/big government to take make progressive steps to make our food more local based. In reality everything is now black market. Eggs and meat chickens are sold by dozens of small farms in Ontario. Most dairy farmers drink their own unpasturized milk,farmers sell their own produce to friends and family and it is getting bigger.

In the end the government (our OWN elected officials) will not/cannot stop what is happening local food grown by local people. People often forget that if their had never been a market for raw milk in the first place and IF Michael Shmidts product had been unhealthy or of poor quality he would never have had the successful business he enjoys today.......kind of like trying to outlaw church suppers because of the apparent chance of getting sick from eating at one....I don't ever recall someone dying from eating meal at a church supper in Ontario as of late....I do recall however people dying from eating processed meats in Ontario......remember?

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