Korean beef ban lifted

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Canadian cattle under 30 months are being allowed back into South Korea


" Odd.... there is a shortage of beef in Alberta."

And then the page disappeared before I could put a comment on that.

Beef was a striving industry in Alberta until The USA put a ban on all beef in Canada... mad cow disease business, was the excuse.

The problem is that the beef industry in Alberta was mainly "range farming"... meaning that the animals would graze extensive pastures.

Mad Cow could only happen when the cattle are fed concentrate, not grazing in pastures. The US new it of course, but the ban was maintained until the industry was culled down into virtual non-existence. Now we import beef carcasses from them, their feedlot variety, for our human consumption.
They had the mad cow during their import ban, but put the blame on others.

I can say the same process about the lumber industry... too.

That is what happen when you depend on one market, that can cry fowl when ever they want. Makes good business sense in Canada I suppose.

Time to rebuild, and not to put all your eggs in one basket...

I agree the farmers of Canada is s//t on every time you turn around they are being tormented and knock down. BSE is just one of the big tools they use to steal the produce from farmers. Farmers always had to fight for a living without everyone else taking every thing they work for, that what make us farmers a strong bunch of people. The big guys will keep thinking of a different way to make sure they have everything we make plus more.

that's all it has ever been about is trade. human and animal health does not matter. with c-BSE, h-BSE, and l-BSE all in North America, probably more strains along with that. i see most of the media outlets are still using outdated science. science now shows that atypical BSE and atypical scrapie (both of which are in North America), are now linked to some cases of sporadic CJD. but, the officials will not tell that to the media, and the media does not print it. and CWD, scientist are very concerned about the zoonotic potential of CWD in deer and elk. but they don't advertise that much either. oh, that's right, Canada already imported mad deer disease to South Korea.


the USDA, MAFF, and the OIE are responsible for this mess, and they are only digging the graves deeper.

stupid is, as stupid does, and some times you can't fix stupid $$$

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