Leamington tomato processor to close

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This is just one more nail in the coffin by the Liberals with their poor policy's and lack of respect for rural Ontario and more so Agriculture . Wynne just last month announced that she wanted to see agriculture double it's growth and add 120,000 new jobs . Then we have Peters talking of 60,000 new jobs . We can't even keep the ones we have already but these people dream up new ones . Then we have farm leaders praising them while we watch our jobs leave the province . Processing has been leaving Ontario for years now but no one in Gov wants to even acknowledge it because it is not the auto sector .

When you have the most expensive and ever increasing energy prices in North America you can bet you ass that these companies will pack up and go else where .

The Liberals want to turn Ontario into a residential only province where health care , nursing homes and Gov. are the only employers .

It's hard to point a finger at the root cause of this one. Heinz set up in Leamington because the global economies of scale in 1909 made it profitable to do so. That's no longer the case. If anything, blame the Bank of Canada's policy of supporting a strong Loonie. An 85 cent dollar would assure continued production in Leamington. This is a national issue, not a provincial issue.

If you can't do it at a par dollar then why should you wish for a false economy 85 cent dollar when in reality you could be at a 1.20 dollar . Way too many false economy hog barns were built , complained about but never sat empty . You can't say the same about factories in the cities though .

They are doing no such thing, if anything, the BofC is jawboning the dollar down. All western economies are trying to devalue their currency through central bank and government interference to give their economy the edge. The BofC has been purchasing mortgage backed securities, while the US has done the same but has also purchased its own treasuries. You are correct that an 85 cent dollar would help. The primary reason our dollar was higher was because of the financial crash of 08-09. With everything being normal(if we can call it that) our dollar should always be lower than the american. Raube beuerman

A low Canadian dollar mainly only helps with exports . Does nothing but increase costs for import goods . With our failed economy of today we need not worry about being any where other than par until we can secure jobs and companies here first other wise it will be a short lived party .
I would have to say you are speaking as a true export minded me first and only me citizen . We need to value add here to secure jobs not ship raw products .

A low dollar may make me a little more money for my small farm, but I import plenty of parts from the US for my business, so a high dollar is better from that respect. In addition, most of the parts that I do source from all of my Canadian suppliers, aside from some manufactured in Quebec, come from all over the world. Raube Beuerman

The "me first and only me" state of mind applies to protectionists, especially dairy and poultry farmers, to a far-greater extent than it could ever apply to people who see exports as an opportunity to enhance jobs and opportunity.

Furthermore, there's absolutely nothing wrong with exporting raw products if that makes us better off than exporting nothing.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Del Monte label was sold a few years ago. The fruit cups are profitable.

St. Davids plant shut down.

Now we had Del Monte brand on store shelves filled with Chinese fruit. Read the print on the label.

Truth is, very few read the origin of food. They only see the sticker price.

There are less high paying, full-time jobs today so more people will pay attention to the sticker price.

Too bad tomatoes are not supply managed.

Wasn,t it Warren Buffet who commented a couple of years ago who said the billionaires should give most of their fortune away when they leave to that billionaire ranch in the sky. He didn,t tell anyone that he is still pounding people into the ground b buying companies and putting thousands of people out of work so he can still add to his fortune. Like the Liberals really care about the people of Ontario or Canada, as long as they get their big pay with the golden pension they could care less. BIG CORPERAIONS AND GOVERMENT = BIG GREED. Isn,t it time we make those groups of people help the Canadians out instead of stealing every penny ( sorry Nickel ) out of our pocket.

Consumers want Walmart pricing , Business wants to be where its the cheapest and farmers the ultimate price shoppers buy Chinese glyphosphate-products ,ect Since its a world market everything eventually flows too the lowest COP area. I feel bad for workers,growers and multi suppliers for Heinz . Like Mayor Paterson said "they have been good corporate citizens" . Fact is Ontario has expensive infrastructure ,social programs and bankrupt Provincial Gov't ...we lost tobacco quota guys years ago , so I would not expect SM or ethanaol either too be immune from market forces kg kimball

quote: "When you have the most expensive and ever increasing energy prices in North America you can bet you ass that these companies will pack up and go else where ." Now add in 6000 almost constructed wind turbines with associated gas backup plants to actually increase CO2 emissions and see what happens. Where is the overall Business Plan on Greed energy as the auditor general, other economists, the engineers association and the power workers association have suggested??????? Everyone knows the captain of the titanic claimed he was right but all know how that turned out. I expect the Liberals come hell or high water are going to go down with the ship saying we still deny the iceberg was there. Furthermore, we are now going into full conservation mode so we can use less energy and divide the super expensive green energy grid upgrades over less kwhrs. Bone headed plan in my opinion. To add insult to injury we are also proposing to cut base load power which will most likely result in grid brown out. All with little to no CO2 decrease.

You should see what the Liberals have for Ontario on the drawing board for more wind turbines at high prices being paid for kwh.

6,700 Large Onshore Wind Turbines in Ontario
To see the most recent list of turbines installed in or proposed for Ontario (Canada), click this link:

Ontario turbines installed or proposed by Nov 8
All are as big or larger than Toronto’s Ex Place turbine.

Ontario wind turbines by county

Local workers from Hainz and tomato growers should look into exporting tomato products to Asia. We have excellent chilies growing in Limington which could be used for Asian stile of tomato based chile souces.

Yet again it was reported last night on the news that yet another company is leaving Ontario and moving back to the USA . Wouldn't be the cheap hydro rates and the cheap hydro that Ontario sells them on the backs of the Ontario residents now would it ?

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