Loblaw promotes Ontario corn-fed beef

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Company ponders replicating the locally grown promotion for other food products


Why not promote grass-fed cattle?

Excellent question - after all, grass is what cattle have evolved to eat, and it keeps them healthy while corn is not natural to their diet (or, really, to humans). It's also free, while corn costs in both money and land to grow it on, not to mention water, fossil fuels, etc. I really don't see how this is a sustainable model of food production.

Grass is free? When was the last time you saw a steer grazing on a highway corridor or public park?

Someone owns the ground where the grass grows. Grass is not free.

Ever taste a goose that was raised in a urban park? Ugh! Urban grass!

Corn fed geese is at least edible.

Grass is not free, it is a crop as well it needs to be managed, fertilized replanted, and land cost to the producer be it rented land our owned are the same, so grass is not free!

Have you ever tried to fatten catlle in the middle of February pretty hard to supply finshed animals year round on grass in this country

If you want to know the evils of corn fed beef, watch this six part video series on YouTube called King Corn.

Corn feed beef has been the norm for US cattle for a long time now..and a reason why the US has such an obesity problem.

Now we are going to bring that to Ontario. Great.

what is up with the return to corn-fed beef??!

"Evils"? - stop eating then. Even better, get off YouTube. Or more so, talk to Jim Clark - I would rather eat this beef from Ontario than from outside of the province or worse, the country. And frankly, the obesity problems are a societal problem built upon populations removing themselves from local economies, local living, local food. Look at where we all are today - we commute more (train included), we drive more, we spend more time sitting on our asses, we have turned eating into fast food energy geared at stuffing it in quicker, in larger bites, than ever before and you believe it is about corn fed beef?

Thanks for playing urbanite. You made my weekend.

I notice a big quality difference between fresh meat at Loblaws compared to Walmart.
I have switched to Loblaws because of that and the produce.

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