Manitoulin Island farmer takes Chicken Farmers to task for small flocks policy

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A sad commentary which comes down to the board's determination to overcharge the consumer by keeping competition out. With more people than ever relying on food banks, the government helps a few thousand while turning a blind eye to 34,000,000 Canadian citizens. Raube Beuerman, Dublin, ON

And where is it helping Canadians to have food dumped on our doorstep , wow cheap food for short term and being ran by the rest of the world and very high food prices in the long term. If any one think that the rest of the world will keep dumping cheap food here or the farmers will operate at a loss must have not been in the real world for awhile.

And you forgot to say the foreign food will sneek into your refrigerator and steal all your beer too! We have as much evidence of that as what you are claiming.
Wake up and join the real world. You have to compete with the world, not hide in the sand.

It's a widely known fact, in fact: immigrants will work for less, often coming from a nation with a significantly lower standard of living, they find living in Canada is like living in paradise, even on $13 an hour. In Europe immigrants are often quite happy to live on welfare. Being provided with housing, health care, and money with no requirement to work is paradise to them. They come from places where there are no such things.

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You have to keep in mind that we here in Canada have regulations that we have to grow and produce products by that other countries do not have to abide by . Competiton is good if it is done on a level playing field .

Right On. Bet the ones who say its all right to have other countries dump one us are likely sitting with big pocket and never worked where their job or farm was lost because of another country that has people that work for $1.50 a day or less. How many things do you read about that are supposed to be in something you buy and they find out there is none of it in the product or is counterfeit or full of chemicals
and is a danger to everyone doesn't matter if its food or a product.

Haven't heard a lot of farmers complaining about the us farmers having an unfair advantage so they sold the farm have heard the sm people have an unfair advantage so they sold the farm

You don't hear SM producers complain when other sectors are making a killing on their products and SM is held to their COP formula numbers . It is all an each will have their turn but some don't like it when they have had low feed and a low dollars for so many years . They are looking for some one else to blame .

A level playing field in our own country would be nice

We here in Ontario are always eating US eggs, the egg industry knowingly shorts the market, so that the major processor can buy in cheaper imported eggs and then sell them at the higher Canadian monopoly price, all well Egg Farmers of Ontario sits and watches this happen. The Supply Managed Boards are screwing the consumers and their fellow farmers, We needs a inquiry into the Ontario Farm Products Commission, I believe this agency is not doing its Job and there is no proof that they are, They along with the marketing boards all need to be investigated by a 3rd party auditor and i am positive that they will report back a failing grade.

Sean McGivern

I can go buy US eggs at my local Shoppers Drug Mart if I care to . I just wish I could find out where to buy US pork and beef so that I don't support farmers here who are screwing the system and getting Gov. cheques when they are not needed because they are not losing money .

You can buy U.S. pork or beef anywhere just like you can buy Canadian pork and beef anywhere it's just supply management products that can't be sold in Canada unless of course you have import quota

It should be checked out and see who are importing and who are selling those eggs. Someone or group are making a lot of money from begin well lets say not being honest and getting away with it. Like I said all along there is so much being dumped into Canada and we will all pay down the road. Look at the junk being brought in from China and we are paying big times, no jobs here in man. and big money being made at corp. top and no where else.

The debate about cheap imports vs. domestic production has been going on for 210 years now (see UK Corn Laws in 1800's).

Small Flock Poultry Farmers believes in having a strong domestic production capacity that is so efficient, that it can supply all of Canada's needs as well as gain significant export markets. Over time, Canadian consumers can move from one of the highest priced poultry meats to one of the lowest prices.

The choice is up to the Supply Management System & the processors. They can see the errors of their ways, and the future opportunities, or they can deny and avoid.

Better systems usually replace dinosaurs that deny reality.

The bureaucratic, fossilized and ineffective systems that serve special interests will be replaced by better systems that serve the Canadian public. The only question is how soon it will occur.

The solution is not tax cuts for wealthy Ontarians but increases in their taxes, OR, forcing corporations to pay employees for the value of the work they do. They can have it either way. No one is worth $1 million dollars a year, or 2, or 10, or 100, or 300, or 500 million. This is beyond obscene. And for anyone talking about competing with the real world, well, this is what tarrifs are for. They made Korea strong, they made Japan strong, they are making China strong, if we were to use them they'll make us strong too.

One of the most-basic and most-unyielding principles of economics is that tariffs make a country weak because its consumers/workers are denied the ability to profit from the principle of comparative advantage.

While the "higher tariffs will make us strong" argument might:

(A) garner some sympathy on this site
(B) place the author in line for a Leacock award for humour
(C) successfully challenge the Flat Earth Society for deliberate obtuseness

It's not just wrong, it's outrageously wrong.

I challenge the anonymous author of the above posting to Google "Corn Laws" to see just exactly how wrong he/she is.

Failing that please please humour us by telling us more of the outrageous NDP and/or NFU fairy tale wherein tariffs, rather than productivity, heavy industry and exports made Korea and Japan strong.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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