Market outlook favours Canadian farmers

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But a senior research fellow at a Guelph, Ontario agri-food think tank warns high commodity prices could spark a global food crisis


“Government organizations have never been blessed with huge amounts of wisdom and foresight,” Martin said, ...Canada's Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council's recently decided to eliminate food production from its list of priorities.

I am surprised at Martin's reaction to this decision. CPI(consumer price index) has not included food or energy for years as they are determined to be too volatile.

Meanwhile our current direction for agriculture is to be in two market categories food and energy not monitored for COP (cost of production) or CPI for inflationary influence. As price takers not much chance of getting paid as we should

Is this by chance or government design to be able to maintain a cheap food policy while utilizing and value adding our cheap food and energy with no checks and balances for cost, support or a sustainable food and or energy supply?

The focus has always been produce more food or energy through research with no regard or calculations for the economic side of profit margins assuring long term stability.

It's interesting to see someone who has as much knowledge as Larry Martin make these comments about Agriculture, and our brief opportunity to make some money. Many of us are now 60 years old or more, and can't find enough money to retire, because we would take more money out of the farm than it could afford. In a world where there is such a huge demand for energy, and for the most part, a surplus of food grain,it does not seem reasonable to think that we should not beable to use some of it for energy production. Other wise our current world grain prices would be in the toilet. When the world is short of food to the point that these stocks of grain are needed for food, then they can then go back into the food chain. In the meantime, Agriculture needs this economic shot in the arm. In the meantime, our city cousins continue to make sizable profits a the expense of Agriculture. I think that this window of opportunity simply represents our turn.

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