Marketing commission changes dairy content rules for butter substitutes

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The substitutes 'are not a big share of the market,' says Dairy Farmers of Ontario spokesman


Very interesting that the farm products commission is the regulator of Ontario agriculture. All sectors of farming has huge problems. A full time 5 days a week farm products chair like Mr Hope could not solve the problems, now we ...

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Farmers will never get true useful economic improvement as long as stories are "guided". The big question is what is real true statements that serves the test of time?
The mountain of little white half truth of the last 20 years goes on with no signs to be corrected by FPMB, government or farm organizations.Canada's example of justice in agriculture will erode untill the baby boomer farmers retire. Few young farmers will take over and the system will morph into God knows what

The United States of America is not PERFECT COUNTRY but they have so many arms of the press that true statements can not be completely hidden. Egypt tried to shut down internet to shut off information and truth of democracy.

Our Canadian schools of higher learning are full of foreign students learning to get degrees , unfortunately some of these students learn to much of the North American capitalist system seeing the half truths and we Canadians are no better when we allow stories to be "guided"

There are a lot more Canadian duck and skunk stories out there that never see the light of day! Then we wonder why farmers agriculture have so many problems

It was outright fearmongering for DFO to claim in its annual report, that the margarine manufacturer lauching the grievance in Alberta, was driven by a "corporate agenda" with the dual purpose of increasing margins as well as undermining food safety.

The FPMC made the right decision, and while the DFO now claims the FPMC ruling isn't going to significantly affect DFO interests, why did DFO have to be so outright nasty about it all before FPMC made its ruling?

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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