MicroFIT ambiguity frustrates Ontario's farming community

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I also had a microfit project connection request denied by Hydro One but fortunately I had not yet committed to any contractors. (Funny thing though, there are questions in the connection request you could only answer if you had actually selected and committed to a system design). Regardless, I live on a major road and to date there are very few solar projects connected to the grid in my area. Therefore, I am very suspicious that now that green energy is loosing popularity our Government has found a way to backtrack on their commitments to the little guys. I am asking for proof of capacity issues in my area. And if I don’t receive it or if there is insufficient proof of capacity issues, then I hope all of us who are being denied our projects, will seek legal action for breech of promise, etc.

I just had my microFIT application rejected by HydroOne due to capacity "Based on our analysis, we have determined that your project is impacted by system constraints. We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide you with an offer to connect your microFIT project at this time." I will pursue with my MP. I found on the OSEA website a form letter to send to an MP, it refers to the price cut for ground mount systems which is a very valid issue. Does anyone know of a letter writing campaign that deals with HydroOne or other Supplier's reluctance to issue microFIT approvals, ie a Ministerial Directive? We are talking of a 10kw project here and knowing something of technologies I think it is fair to say that a mere 10kW of power generation from my system will not make its way down to the end of my street. What hold does HydroOne have on these approvals... this is frustrating that I will not see the lucrative gains and contribute to the reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by producing clean, green energy. I do not expect a positive outcome after each successive 30 day reassessment by HydroOne. Any suggestions or insight to help us small producers move forward would be helpful.

Many of those who can't get connected will find it hard to wait till they actually get connected. Answers as to when are non-existent! Since Hydro One will be on the hook for a 20 year contract sooner or later, they may as well start paying off the contract as if the panels are hooked up. Then they can take their time to do it right and nobody will be inconvenienced.

Your opinion piece by David Oxtoby is good! Could you add a line somewhere that the Christian Farmers Federation has started to collect names of those with solar project problems. Their phone # is 519 837 1620.


We are one of the many who followed the "original" rules , built our system in trust and then being told by the OPA, with regret, that we won't be connected at this time due to system constraints. Don't think for a minute that we didn't check over and over again if we had missed a step. We have looked over all the paper work and re read the conditional contract, and not once did we,or do we see the line not to proceed unless we have an offer to connect. Our conditional offer details all the conditions we had to meet to be connected and as far as we can ackowledge, we have met all the conditions including an ESA inspection that passed with no problem. There seems to be a lot of speculation out there as to what is the problem, would anyone out there actually know what the term "sytem constraints" actually involves? Most of us know that lack of room on the grid is bogus. So what is going on here?
Is legal action the only option now? Thinking about all costs and delays that will bring maybe the OPA and provincial government can show some integrity and honour these contracts as they should have in the first place.

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