Milk program fosters small scale processing

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A Dairy Farmers of Ontario pilot program helps dairy farmers add fluid milk processing to their operations


Only in the fantasy-land of supply-management would DFO be so dismissive/patronizing/oblivious to the processing sector. It's bad enough that supply management keeps reducing the volume of milk available to processors, solely to keep the farm-gate price of milk high, it's even worse that DFO is now giving money to farmers in order to compete against processors who are already being screwed by the lower volumes of production mandated by supply management.

Dairy farmers, and DFO, are so out-of-touch with reality that they issue press releases to pat themselves on the back for being so innovative, yet completely, and wilfully, ignoring the damage their actions are causing to the processing sector of the milk marketing system.

It's completely preposterous for DFO to take the position that on-farm dairy processing operations are, or could ever be, separate from the farm itself. It's even more preposterous for DFO to take the position that having both the farm operation and processing plant on the same premises is "almost immaterial to us".

The complete absurdity of DFO's position can be illustrated by looking at the situation in reverse. Simply imagine the outcry dairy farmers would raise if Kraft, or Saputo, for example, built dairy farms right beside their processing plants in order to supply these plants, yet, when farmers do exactly that type of vertical integration at their end of the marketing channel, not only does it get DFO blessing, it gets DFO money.

The DFO are trying to get out of a hole they dug them selves. In the nineties the DFO and OFPMC got rid of all small processors in favor of Kraft,Saputo and Parmalat and now that these companies have the market place in Ontario the look around the world for cheap prices to import four billion dollars worth of powdered milk to make Canadian cheese.
Were is the Ontario farmer going to sell his milk?
The DFO have a new strategy ,if the farmers can process the milk on the farm millions and millions of city people will drive hundreds of miles twice a week to the farms to buy it.

why would people drive hundreds of miles to buy Canadian milk at the farm, when they can drive a fraction of that distance to buy US milk, in the store, and at a fraction of the price they'd pay anywhere in Canada?

The DFO is only doing this in a weak response to try and combat Michael Schmidt and for no other reason. They want to get consumers to stop drinking raw milk by being able to buy milk from DFO shippers drect, it's not going to stop raw milkk sales lol

what a joke

Not only am I pretty certain that almost anywhere in Ontario you wouldn't have to drive hundreds of miles to show up at a dairy farm. I am also pretty certain that anyone who is proud to be Canadian isn't going to buy US milk.
Do you know the difference between what they put in US milk and the regulations of Canadian milk? If you did I don't think you'd buy US milk just because it is cheaper. (Also, and I could be wrong but the whole point of supply managemnt in Canada is so that we don't have to import milk. It prevents an inferior product from flooding the market.)

Why is it that a lot of Canadians complain about why prices are so expensive and purchases are inconvient and then those people are the first to go to the US to buy things. People like you are the reason EVERYTHING is made in China!!

Seriously, folks SUPPORT LOCAL!! No matter whether you find the DFO controversial you are supporting a family farm. That's the important part.

In ninety seven the ODF and OFPMC closed the last independent dairy . Eight local farmers decided to buy my equipment and start there own local creamery with the blessing of the ODF .

Three years later I was told that the farmers lost all their investments and gave up.

Remember that the milk cheque is not in the mail box every two weeks when you leave the farm quota end of the business.

There is no price guaranty per liter or subsidies to help you out

But still I wish you good luck

sounds like a jealous outsider looking in

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