Milk quota increase takes effect Dec. 1

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The increase will be applied to dairy producers in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Ontario


If there's to be a 2% quota increase, by how much more than 2% did the population of Ontario increase to justify that quota increase?

If a 2% quota increase happens during the time of zero population growth, that's good business - but if a 2% quota increase happens during a time population grows by 5%, that's bad.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton, ON

The farmers get a 2% increase in quota, great news for farmers. Look at the other end of the scale how much quota does a guy having 40kg. verses the one who has 400kg. has. Its seems like the big guy gets a really big jackpot and the smaller guy gets so so. They should be going by producer to make it more even in the end and let the smaller guy get a chance at getting bigger.

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