More problems emerge for Canada’s dairy farmers in Canada-EU trade agreement

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Circle the wagons all you dairy farmers and employees here comes free trade into Canada and you are not ready!! THE SAME OLD SAME OLD lobby Government ,they will save us ,do you people know how stupid you look !! Seems not ,I can remember this same approach taken when N.A.F.T.A WAS BEING FINILIZED AND THE LEADERS SENT IN !! Instead of working with the Government on time and access and preparing for direct competition in the market ,they play the blame game !! How sick ,it is about time Governments wake up !! This is and was a government policy and program for the Country that has out lived it's time !! MOVE ON !!THE DAIRY INDUSTRY NEEDS TO GET READY TO FACE HUGE AMOUNTS OF IMPORTS COMING IN TARIFF FREE IN 2014!! Regards ,Bill Denby c/o THE NEGOTIATORS AND ASSOCIATES

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A new vice-chair rallying the troops and good for him but surely he has seen some of this before.Maybe he wasn't around for the 40,000 dairy farmers and supporters march on Parliament hill back in the 90's, that was a time of uncertainness in the Industry and l remember a number of local dairy producers exiting the business at that time but that was 20 years ago.
Mr.Dietrich should also know that nothing in the Dairy Industry will ever be unanimous,if at some Quota meeting you have 20 producers speaking up and giving their input you will probably have 20 different ideas, that is the nature of the business.
That 2.25 in lost Quota could easily be made up with the plugged hole in Pizza kits coming up from the states but again the CETA deal has to be ratified by all and the EU have troubles ratifying some issues amongst themselves, its probably a good indication of why it might take up to two years to get everything in place.
A lot can happen in 2 years, such as the US/EU trade deal coming up.

You guys have lived in a a glass house for many years when the rest of us were left to fend for ourselves.I wish I had a cost of production formula to work with over the last ten years when crop prices were bad. The quotas going boys get ready

It is my understanding that we can sell dairy products to the Europeans, shouldn't this trade deal be good news? How many times have I heard that our dairy farmers are the best in the world, and I am confident that many are, so lets see it. Raube Beuerman

The one thing every one is missing is the fact that there is almost no competition for milk , BUT there is all kinds of competition for meat and protien .
As meat consumption per person goes down and will continue to , the price and market for it will only get smaller and the price lower . Hence more gov bail outs for these guys . I am surprised that pork has not sued the turkey industry over turkey bacon . Too many times your sector is too narrow minded .

Is SM perfect , No Way . Neither is the pork industry ie: their back room deal that crippled many young & beginning fellow pork farmers so they could get more them selves . Incase you missed it there was a very good letter in the Ont Farmer not long ago . I don't think the pork industry needs to tell some other they are living in a glass house with rose coloured glasses . If the market place is not willing to pay the price for milk , the consumption will drop which will drop the price . Same with every thing . Sound familiar to an over producing pork industry ??

"As meat consumption per person goes down and will continue to , the price and market for it will only get smaller and the price lower".
Where on earth have you been hiding?
Meat consumption is predicted to rise not fall as developing countries increase their level of income and demand better more meat.
This is already happening around the world. Maybe it involves the people that are being hired by Hinz or Kellogs, but that is the exact opposite to what you claim. The price for pork and beef is expected to reach all time highs in 2014.
But I do agree with your one statement..." Is SM perfect , No Way".

Supply management has outlived its purpose and that was the small family farms survival. Canada only needs half as many dairy farms to fill its own market, let the larger ones buy out the smaller ones and you can drop the price to the consumer and maybe,...maybe... export product. The larger guys would trample over anyone to be able to expand.

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