National network of livestock truck washing facilities a good idea says pork industry

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The traditional 3 deck pots do not lend them selves too "easy cleaning-disinfecting" especially when dealing with removable floor planks. Some in the US use a 2 deck 53' trailers (like conventional dry box style van) with loading chutes at both levels ,they look like they would be easier too wash ,load and unload as pigs don't have too run up or down chutes in trailer and easier on driver. Ideally a 53' trailer with a tridem small wheel axles like a moving van or car hauler and more height between decks and would give pigs more air ,trucker easier unloading and washing and would only hold about 20 pigs less a load than a 51' pot..just some thoughts-kg kimball

It looks like trucking costs are going to increase no matter how you slice it. Washing adds about $500 and more down time which you have to divide out over the number of pigs on a load. If a better truck that's easier to wash carries fewer pigs and costs more that's significant too. That may not seem important now but when pork prices drop back to normal that will change. Fuel prices are also rising. I see some senators in the US want to subsidize a vaccine for PED so it's only fair for Canada to help our producers.

Why is it that the pork industry thinks it is up to the Federal Gov and the tax payer to pay for truck washing facilities for livestock ? I mean really now when pork prices are at all time highs they are still sucking on the gov teat ! Do these farmers wash their pigs before they load them ? It should be up to the industry or the truckers to pay for wash facilities .

As a pork producer I find it embarrassing that the first thing farmers seem to see as a solution to a problem is government help...but then it isn't only the pig guys it's all farmers. They all want more and more gov't help...and SM is included, it has been shown that they are the lobbyists that take up more of the gov't time than anyone else.
In fact all of society seems to seek more gov't intervention in our lives...then they complain about too many rules and too high taxes. Government was not intended to run our business and our fact they are the least qualified to do either.

Wow. So, on the day the pigs are shipped, the most stressful day of their lives, when stress diarrhea is going to be a problem, there is no rule that says you have to clean the feces out of the trailer ?!
Amazing. I should say, amazingly short-sighted.

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