Natural gas well owners still don’t trust government

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The Private Natural Gas Well Owners Association gives well owners a chance to comment on a new policy proposal without contacting the government directly


NO one in their right mind will want to comment on this legislation directly if you have an unlicensed gas well. That will be letting MNR know where to look. There are about 50,000 gas wells scattered throughout south-western ON. Only a tiny fraction of the wells are licensed. A bunch are abandoned.

Also this legislation will NOT promote or encourage people to want to get their gas well licensed.

"PNGWA secretary, said such a list could be subpoenaed and give inspectors the locations of those wells."

I find it strange that records of a NGO like PNGWA could be subpoenaed but other GNO's like Conservation Ont and SPCA seem to be above subpoena law? Guess it comes down to what government wants government will take or enforce.

I have an old agreement that speaks to shared ownership of a gas well on my property that i just purchased.i have approached the gas well operator who has the license on the well,of course he believes that he has exclusive rights to well .i have sent the agreement to the MNR to be added to the existing license as a co-operator. Have you come across this very much? your thoughts

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