Neonics need more investigation, PMRA update report concludes

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PMRA says that more Neonicotinoid research is needed, which brings up the question if more research is needed now how the hell did these poisons get approved in the first place? If there is uncertainty why are these toxins still in use?

Once again Mother Nature gets the "free pass" on all of this.Its is so much easier to blame it all on New Technology and Pesticides than admit the bad winters may have played a role in Bee losses.

Could it be Ontario varroa mites have developed an evolutionary resistance to various treatment methods and chemicals?

High losses since 2006, hives dwindling even before winter in North America and Europe, Neonicotinoid residue in the pollen, wax and honey of affected colonies I would say it’s a lot easier to blame it on the weather, or maybe cell phones, viruses, sun spots, whatever distraction works for Bayer, Syngenta and Croplife Canada is probably fine.

Quote: " PMRA scientists are continuing to investigate the 2014 incidents and are analyzing samples for the presence of pesticides and bee viruses. The agency will release its update once the 2014 results are analyzed." So, it would appear the Ontario meetings are a tad premature pending the PRMA outcome for the presence of pesticides and viruses.

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