New noise protection requirements for Ontario farms

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My great-great-grand father received a land grant in a lovely part of Ontario, north of what we call Toronto today, known for growing good wheat.

Listening to the bumble bees, crickets, birds and other creatures was part of the peaceful allure on the farm life.

To get the grant, he had to first clear the frontage of his property, cede that 33 feet to the Crown for public use and then maintain the road min. 6 days a year. Stone and boards for spring passage were mandatory expenses when needed. The house he built (and later rebuilt) is approx. 400 feet from the road allowance. Sitting on the porch on a Sunday, watching the neighbors coming from church in their "Sunday" buggies was a social event. The horses made nary a sound when passing on the sandy road.

Fast forward to today.

The road ceded to the Crown is now a very busy highway. Big rigs carrying goods to and from Toronto constantly pass by the house every week day along with commuter travel and then the cottage traffic on weekends. There is a steady stream of traffic everyday.

Sitting on my porch, I pulled out my smart phone and activated the sound meter app to measure the noise level. The noise from the road was measurable and constant. The big rigs were measuring 90 bB, well above the acceptable limits. A bumble bee buzzed near me to get a taste of my flowers on the porch measured another 6.6 dB on the meter!!!

But the government, in their wisdom, has decreed that if I plant strawberries on my property, I will now have to issue ear protection for workers, hoeing or picking, as the noise limits exceed acceptable levels even though the noise is outside my control and off property. Species at risk, bumble bees and such are adding to cumulative sound levels.

We have to deal with migrant noises that the government in effect has created, takes no responsibility, receives a huge benefit with the traffic flow to-and-from Toronto, (protecting bumble bees bobolink birds, etc) but sticks us with undue hardships and liability.

As the government is receiving the benefits, where is their obligation in regards of migrant noise affecting farmers and their families?

I am all for employee safety but find safety should be an employees responsibility as well. The dress code to work in industry requires safety boots, probably hard hat, welding helmet hi vis clothing gloves etc. Hearing protection is a similar requirement. What frustrates me is walking down an urban street under construction with jack hammers pounding and no hearing protection is issued to the pedestrians or the shopkeeper also in harms way. Why is this measurable noise violation treated different? Is the most lacking void in rural Ont noise absorbed by employees on farms? Another liberal make work project for urban overseers with associated fines and cost ascribed to farmers with no place to pass this added cost on.

Can ya tell I am fed up with liberal government

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