New website touts supply management’s success

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Launched Wednesday, a new Dairy Farmers of Canada website aims to counter criticisms about its supply managed marketing system


The length to which Canadian dairy farmers will go to pretend that supply management is not a square peg in a world full of round holes, is simply staggering, and always completely preposterous.

However, the problem supply management dares not address, because like all entities with absolute power, they simply cannot believe anyone would resent their power, is that they are not well-liked by the rest of the farm community, particularly by younger non-supply managed farmers.

No amount of blogs and web-sites can, or will, stem the inevitable tide of demographic changes, already well-underway in the farm community.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

Non-supply managed farmers need to be careful what they wish for.No one knew 40 years ago that quota would be worth what it is today anymore than farm land values.There is very little supply management in our area and we are not involved.When I drive by a chicken or dairy farm I don,t hope for their demise. I think good for them.I wish grandpa had kept cows or chickens.If supply managed farmers can,t buy quota it,s their problem to sort out. If quota is wound down as flue tobacco quota was where do you think the money will go?Straight into land values.We need to stop attacking ourselves over supply management,ethanol,turbines,etc.Be happy with your neighbour,s and your own success.Don,t fall into the trap of the whiner industry. It,s the same people complaining all the time.A young farmer today without family help cannot make any enterprise work.That is not supply management,s fault.


supply managements success has there ever been an unsuccessful monopoly

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