OFA pushes rural Internet service as election issue

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This article has me a little puzzled since for years, I was with Xplornet,s satelite high speed internet which was quite good. I'm no tech wizard, but as I understand it, my satelite service operated in a similar fashion to a TV service like Bell expressVu for example. So, if I can get, shouldn't everyone else also?
I am still with Xplornet, but I have been able to pick up tower service now which is even faster. I can watch netflix, google play, and youtube videos, rarely ever a hesitation.
Raube Beuerman

It would appear that the OFA and/or the respondents to its survey believe that anything less than high-speed is somehow "unreliable".

Dial-up isn't fast but it is extremely reliable and anyone with a telephone line can get it. Dial-up can't download videos or allow for the use of personal applications like Skype, but for researching and sending information and 95% of what is done in the normal course of anyone's business, dial-up is perfectly adequate.

Admittedly, dial-up is better when one can get a second phone line dedicated to internet and/or fax use but to claim that high-speed is a vitally-needed business tool is somewhat of a stretch.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

You've been lucky Raube. In Eastern Ontario...

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One has to wonder if it is actually the internet service or the computers that farmers are trying to use . I mean really in todays world we have Amish running businesses second to none and for others their biggest problem is their internet connection speed ?

Some Adobe software is now only available by using cloud computing. I understand that Microsoft is moving in this direction too.

How will this affect rural people who have marginal Internet service?

We are based out of Rural Ontario but we have been a Rural High Speed Internet Provider for over 10 years and if we could say anything about the industry it would be this. People will always respond to reliability, customer service and great internet packages in places where other DSL internet dose not exist. We prove it with our Free 30 Day Internet Trial.

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