OFA stands its ground on need for natural gas for rural Ontario

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So who is behind the push for rural natural gas ?
Will other areas of the province where there are no green houses be given the same priority ? Was there a resolution submitted or is this a gov vote for me ploy again ? Would really be nice to get a cost for gas and hook up charges . Just saying it is cheaper means nothing with out presenting the numbers .
Gov already has a rural gas policy .

Be careful what you ask for.
What OFA isn’t telling you is that for every one of the approx. 5000 wind turbines to be built, electricity prices will also increase. Furthermore, since wind is intermittent, more wind turbines, mean even more quick ramp up NG backup generation is needed. Therefore, with more wind power = higher electricity prices,= even higher NG demand,= hence even higher than plus 40% NG heating bills.
In addition, wind turbines use an extremely large amount of gravel for one kilometer access roads and concrete. Rumours have it that gravel prices will also increase exponentially for most municipalities because of wind power.

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