One licence or two?

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The forth paragraph caught my attention, it appears to me that the chicken boards are trying to eliminate market distortions from happening in the future, but have already taken place in the past.
I did not see mention of pricing in the article, but let us think about this for a minute. Even if quota was never allowed to have value, for either chicken or dairy, yet the same cost of productions were used......and you think land is expensive now?

Raube Beuerman

The statement - "It's the Chicken Farmers board that will make decisions on who gets the right to produce the specialty breeds" - is fraught with peril and should, but probably won't, scare the living daylights out of board members because it puts them at considerable legal risk.

For example, let's say a member of a visible minority, or even someone from our first nations, sees his/her application turned down and then decides, quite-properly, to sue the Chicken Farmers board on the basis of racial discrimination - thereby producing a huge, very-expensive, and highly-embarrassing lawsuit for our chicken cartel, and its millionaire members.

All things considered, it would look good on them.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

"a lot of positive interest" which l believe would be opposite the bottom 2 comments.

Like always The government can't stop causing problems. Welcome to the masonic new world disorder.

Its time to dismantle all marketing boards and stop the systematic destruction of humanity that's being done by the shrinners.

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