Online database to store details of chicken farmers' transactions

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CFO is buying German software with $800,000 of Canadian taxpayers money so they can screw Canadians more efficiently by continuing to charge us 300% more for their SM chicken.

This is by CFO, who boasts as being "solely funded by levies paid by chicken farmers".

What bull !

If I claim to be self funded, will I get an $800,000 grant too?

Glenn Black
Small Flock Poultry Farmers of Canada

Speaking of bull. In an earlier post you were invited to explain the financial aspects of how your kind of farming should work. Why did you ignore this? Do you understand about, a model business plan showing real amounts of how much your ideal small flock farmer would pay for feed and other overheads and how much you would charge your customers? You've complained here about high prices charged for the bags of feed you have buy. You've complained that consumers are overcharged by supply management farmers. Let's see a business plan for your idea of how things should work. It should be especially interesting to see how one pays high prices for bags of feed and charges consumers lower prices than they are paying now. Your silence of this to date is deafening.

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