Ontario’s dairy producers eye market growth

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‘We’re always looking for ways to stimulate different markets,’ says Bill Emmott, re-elected as Dairy Farmers of Ontario chair this week


what it cost for the government to buy back all the quota from the DFO? does any one know how many units there are in ontario ?

Why don,t they get ride of the quota and buy our milk from China? Does that sound great to you .

Why buy it in China? There are lots of farmers willing to produce milk right here in Ontario......except they are currently barred from doing so because of DFO/quota.

Do you think if they open up the market that there will be a flood of people willing to work 7 days a week at a loss. They won,t be getting the price they get now. The supply management is the only way to give you the price you need to make a profit.

Yes, but what about all of the producers that were producing and willing to produce without quota, before the quota holders got scared and put a stop to that? More of them had bank loans and business plans in place and were ready to forge ahead. They are still out there. Lots of people work 7 days a week....not just the dairy industry.

Last time I seen all the milk being sold on contracts for sale in the States was shut down by the USA themselves. Now the milk flows into Canada from the USA, and without the supply man. the milk would flood the market = no profit for the dairy farmers up here.Good for consumers for short term but really bad for long term.

These guys are comedians - dairy farmers will consider every possible way to increase sales, except lower the price. That leaves them exactly like one-legged tap dancers trying to work up a new routine not just to attract more customers, but to keep existing customers from wanting their money back.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton, ON

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