Ontario agriculture minister steps in on processing vegetable marketing issue

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Ah yes the old gov consultation process . Like really they have to come up with some thing better .
The next question is where does Farm Products get it's marching orders from ? Their pay check comes from ?
I can't believe Geri would allow himself to be used as a puppet . So sad .

Who is this Leal guy and why is he ordering the "powerful" commission Chair around?

This sounds like the same consultation period that they gave on the neonics issue,in the end this Government will do what they want.Kamenz is just their puppet, he will not be replaced as chair, in fact he might get a raise!

He has to do what he is told to do or he will be replaced. This has been seen by many farmers.

Kamenz's term was up 3 years ago. If he gets replaced the first week of September, it will be no surprise to anyone.

There are three eternal verities in the farm community - death, taxes and complaints that any particular process is being conducted at the wrong time of year. This issue follows that dog-eared script and it is, all things considered, a fairly-lame excuse at any time.

Furthermore, what will consultations produce other than:

(A) oodles of processor-directed vitriol and conjecture from several hundred farmers wanting no changes to a system that is going steadily downhill and who will produce no substantive recommendations for improvements to the industry except the preservation of the status-quo?
(B) processors as well as the food and beverage industry wanting changes in order to keep the industry alive and who, unlike farmers, will:
(1) present statistical evidence of a declining industry as a basis for their claims?
(2) present statistical evidence of a growing industry in neighboring jurisdictions?
(3) present template contracts for the Hearings Officers (or copies of contracts from other jurisdictions or even farmer-witnesses from other jurisdictions) as a means of diffusing the vitriol and conjecture offered by vegetable farmers here?

Ag Minister Leal and vegetable producers are simply stalling for time because they don't know what else to do, and that's not just sad, it also means they are truly out-of-touch.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

It is all window dressing just like a new set of curtains . If you don't change the window it is still the same window . Does not matter as Wynne will do what she wants .

Our Ag Minister Leal is at least trying to do the right thing. He returns and answers questions and has worked on learning about Ag. in Ontario ,of all the Liberals at Queen's park I would rate him at the top. Interesting little news article on Ms. Wynne having lowest rating of any Premier,now who would have guessed that? kg kimball

It's time for change at the puppet show we know as the OFPMC....

when I was a part of lobbying for new regulations to expand broiler production for small flock operators, I personally called Gerry several times and was always told he was out of the office and I can leave a message, for calls that he never returned.

He needs to go and the role should be filled by elected official voted for by farmers through the FBR program.

Sean McGivern

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