Ontario farm groups monitor progress of province’s neonic regulations

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To those who understand these things, to read that the Grain Farmers hasn't ruled out legal action against the government is an "OMG", or "Oh, my God" moment. For a professionally managed organization with 28,000 members to not know that you can't sue government, is a damning indictment of the capability of that organization.

Please, please, GFO, get professional advice from someone, anyone, everyone before you make these kind of statements.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

In the mindset of grains farmers, it was perfectly acceptable for government to rush to implement ethanol mandates without any consultation, without any public participation process and over the objection of cattle and hog farmers, yet it is completely unacceptable for government to implement neonicotinoid restrictions now.

GFO still doesn't get the point that government has the right and the authority to do whatever it pleases, even when it happens to displease somebody it recently pleased.

Hey, GFO, government gave you ethanol mandates and therefore, the right to suck money out of the pockets of hog and livestock feeders who, in turn, didn't threaten to sue government for making that decision - it's time for GFO to stop being cry-babies, suck it up and realize that the "door" of government largesse "swings both ways".

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

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