Ontario government allows local say in green energy projects

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Wynne said in the Toronto Star “There's not a veto power involved in this power but we always have to balance the greater good with the local good,” she said at Queen’s Park.

Over 36 municipalities have said they aren't a willing host for wind turbines, yet Wynne still continues to act like a bully. NO means NO. Furthermore, none of these new ideas apply to thousands of turbines on the verge of construction.The rape and pilage of rural Ontario continues unabated.

yes 36 is far from 418 . so the tail can't wag the dog. quit being partisan and smell the roses.

Then plant the roses in the other 382 willing hosts .
Even roses stink to some people .

It is now 42 unwilling hosts as of today

Even better look at the map showing unwilling hosts see: http://ontario-wind-turbines.org/owt-maps-c1.html.
So, It would appear that the expanding list of 42 unwilling host municipalities represent an extremely high majority percent of pending project areas. Also, there appears to be an explosion of peer reviewed articles showing wind turbines don't make sense.

It was even mentioned on Shark Tank last night about wind & solar not being feasable and making economic sense .

With the US well on its way to energy independence, thanks almost entirely to hydraulic fracturing, and the resulting effect on the supplies of, and price of, natural gas, the base case for ethanol, and the base case for wind and solar, have gone out the window, unlikely to return. If there ever was a time for government to abandon mandates for, and/or subsidies for, ethanol, wind, and solar, it's now. Unfortunately, even more reluctant than government to admit mistakes, are farmers - and that unholy alliance of the two segments of society most unlikely to ever realize and admit the truth of the adage - "that was then, this is now", is not going to serve either farmers, or the rest of society, well at all.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

It has been explained to me that the amount of taxes that the big companies will pay to the townships will be next to nothing compared to what the income tax will be that land owners will pay to the governement . All of the income is going to be taxed as personal and not , not being able to be wrote off against the farm . And yes CRA will be looking for those who think they will cheat the system !! A buddy of mine that works at CRA in the investigations division told me that first hand .

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