Ontario launches climate strategy

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Ontario having banned any coal fired generating plants and pushing green energy and a carbon tax along with already being a high cost business province should be careful about driving away more jobs and industry . Everyone wants a clean environment but move slowly as families need to pay there rents or mortgages,energy bill , feed there families and have a decent job . Often the ones making the rules do not have any idea what working families outside of Toronto can make in wages or can afford . If you work for Civil Service you can pretty much bet that your wages and benefit package is 2X what it would be in a comparable private industry job . Not advocating taking things away from the Civil Servants but we need too raise income levels of our working poor. kg kimball

I can tell you why Agriculture is singled out, the industry is such an easy target.This Government could slap heavy emissions reduction controls on farm machinery and it wouldn't cause a ripple within Liberal MP strongholds, however try and apply those same standards on big trucks, buses, planes or probably even stricter controls for cars and there will be an backlash this Government might take notice to.

It resembles how we are always told to conserve hydro usage and then you drive into Toronto at night and see the office high rises all lite up after work hours.

I have to wonder if this is all about tax income

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