Ontario Pork halves delegate numbers

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Delegates will elect nine board directors in February


for a job well done,,from Chair to directors too an excellent staff that have faced so many challenges and a gov't that doesn't care I truly believe we could not have had better people there,,over the years we have had so many great leaders in Wilma,Larry,Clare,Curtiss,ect..thanks-KG Kimball


Our hearts should feel the pain livestock farms are feeling. So many have had to quit, high feed prices, closing markets, government wont try to solve the problem. seems like Canadian and Provincial governments do anything to increase jobs and the green thing.

We all know how govt in 2008 saved the auto industry. There could be hugh job market if the government of Canada would fund a Jobs program .
The jobs would be in the clean open air, with some night duty.Tens of Thousands of peoplw would be needed, The job discription would be " personal trainer" Your duty would be to safe guard the envoirnment while giving safe health standards to your subject charges. Pay would be weekly with clothing allowance, Casual dress.

You would be personal trainer to each indiviual subject unit of pork and beef,
executives need not apply.

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