Ontario pork producers sought for duBreton expansion

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look at this .....another opportunity for farmers to market their animals if they are raised properly

Stan H

ya and have 25% of your pigs laid on in the crate. real humane!!!

are you saying that more piglets get laid on when in crates????

the open crate that these programs want. the traditional crate is much more humane. i have used both and couldn't live with that many pigs being laid on. its inhumane plain and simple.

Farrowing crates are better for baby pig mortality rates . Back in the day when raising pigs on this farm we had farrowing crates , half pens and all of the sows were group housed . The half pens were used for sows with litters 3 or more weeks old . These pens allowed the sows to move around . We also were bedding with straw .
The new way of raising pigs with 2 week weaning more so tends to be not as able to use open pens . It's all about the numbers . I also think that liquid manure systems would not work as well either .

There were at times some pretty good fights when you put weaned sows back with the group . They had to establish a new pecking order . I still think straw beeding is more natural for reproducing pigs .

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Looking forward to continuing to expand what we already produce for the program Dubreton has been a great help to many families to continue their family farms

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