Organic sows, feeder pigs, change hands

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Why do we need a US organization stamp of approval? Especially when selling into our own grocery stores ? Can't we do anything without consulting big brother next door !

You need the US organization stamp of approval because you are moving product into US. It's as simple as that. You want to sell a product to a certain market for a premium price, then you meet their requirements or find another market.

So a while ago when Earl's restaurants were bringing in humanly raised beef from the US did it have a Canadian stamp of certification?
When A&W outsources their hormone/steroid free hamburger is it Canadian certified?

As it is with most trade involving the US, it's their way or the highway!

They were bringing in the humane beef because they couldn't source what they needed in this country...and of course the US beef had to jump through the required hoops. Same with A&W, they set the requirements and if you want the premium price then you meet their requirements...that's the way it works.

Earl's restaurants made those announcements for one reason and one reason only. They got million of $$ of advertizing for free. It was a genius marketing ploy at the expense of like restaurants.

Many Rural people don't see things the same way that Urban people do, I farm 500 acres of cash crop land in Grey County, but live in Guelph to run my Agricultural business, so I get to both sides of society, and I can tell you if you want to be competitive and survive in agriculture today you need to deliver what the market demands no matter how stupid you think it is.

Sean McGivern

You might want to read the 4th last paragraph . Global markets and the USA are mentioned . Further there are Provincial trade regs also .

I miss your point. The paragraph just reinforces my explanation. You want to ship to the US for a premium market, then you jump through the required hoops...same with Ontario or any other place.

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