PED confirmed on Middlesex hog farm

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If 80 to 90% are mortalities, why did the 10 to 20% survive? Do they have an immunity?

The conservatives have threatened the food supply in Canada and I have now gone vegetarian.

Bizarre! Are you suggesting that veggies aren't part of the food supply or are you saying the conservatives caused PED?

Not really. imo, the causes of piglet mortality are utterly obvious. Haven't eaten pork for many years now. It is one miserable meat.

I eat pork because it is the most versatile meat I know of...and the tastiest!
On the other hand, I 'll only eat free range chicken, because it actually tastes like something.

They shouldn't let a truck come back to canada with out being washed and disinfected, now it's to late the virus came in canda. I have a sow farm, i don't think that they are severe enough with hauling animals back and forth. So now every one is going to PAY. ALAIN

Yep there ya go with an industry with a lack of rules , gets the disease and is already crying for compensation . Now wasn't that predictable !

Some of the above comments are really unecessary! This has nothing to do with eating meat or not! This is a real threat for our farmers, just as real as the outbreaks we have seen in humans. This will affect the people out there that are working hard to put food on everyones plate. But does that really matter? Probably not I guess, soon we will be buying our food over the net from Uncle Sam or why not China! Food for the thought...!

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