Peterborough cattle beefs aired

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Provincial cattlemen’s association president says parts of proposal supported at annual general meeting ‘just wouldn’t work’


This is a very disappointing development for the Ontario Beef industry. The industry has not made money since 2003, and something drastic needs to be done. While I have not seen the Peterborough County proposal, we have to start somewhere. I am really tired of hearing that every idea costs too much. Most of the ideas presented don't cover all the losses of the beef industry, and if OCA doesn't think the Provincial Government can afford them how are individual beef producers supposed to cover these losses. With $5 corn, and $14 plus IP soybeans, OCA had better start doing something real soon to help the Ontario Cattle industry or there won't be one left. Remember corn doesn't have to be fed in a snowstorm on Christmas day, calve at midnight, or decide to stroll down the township concession at 3AM. We also don't need more payments like the OCHHP payment that missed many young producers with no chance to appeal. We also need programs to help the cow-calf producer more than the feed lot, the big feedlot producers need to remember that they need the cow calf producer more than the cow calf producer needs the feedlot. If there were no feedlots, the cow calf producer still has a calf to sell Cargill, it may not be what Cargill is used to buying, but they have something. If the feedlot has no cattle, because there are no cows left, they only have air to sell to Cargill, and I don't think Cargill will pay much for air.

John Gillespie Ripley Ont.

Editor’s note: John Gillespie is not related to an Ontario Cattlemen’s Association director of the same name.

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