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George Morris Centre analysis finds farm policy election platforms mirror farm organization platforms

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A perennial independent candidate running mostly on the "more rights for divorced fathers" platform, and who got slightly less than 300 votes in the last election, is being polled at getting about 1,500 votes this time around.

It's unlikely there are 1,200 more angry divorced men in this riding than during the last election. Therefore, could his increased polling numbers be due to the fact that during a recent all-candidates meeting sponsored by the Huron Federation of Agriculture, this candidate stated he was opposed to both RMP and supply management because they were "welfare"?

If his polling numbers translate into votes, and if in the next election he drops his divorce rhetoric and just sticks to his anti-RMP and anti-supply management platform, he might just be a serious contender, or enough of a contender to cause some serious credibility issues within the ag platforms of the major parties.

Or then again, he could end up with even fewer votes than he got in the last election - but his vastly-improved polling numbers, ostensibly because of his stance on one issue alone, is interesting to watch.

Stephen Thompson, Clinton, ON

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