Pork packing expansion questioned

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Government loans aid expansion, but existing plants are already below capacity


Politicans love to cut ribbons, and will throw all normal business sense to the wind, given the chance to be photographed handing out money.

Grier is right - building plants and hoping the hogs will come, is economic lunacy, but politicians are so desperate for good news on the agricultural front, that they will almost leap at any opportunity that looks like good news

production and then they could be more efficient,,,oh I forgot ,they just wanted more pigs cheaper...looking back at the last 10 - 15 yrs. and some of those proposals like MLP had that if you build a contract finishing barn and don't take any wages or cash out for 10 yrs. you will have your barn debt free ,ready too make some serious cash...now you have a 10yr. old barn needing upgrading,no contracts and a huge tax bill...wish that be it MLP ,Grand Valley,Master Feeds,Fritz Concrete, ect that went into contracting-competition with us that we had taken a policy stand that if you are going to be my competition I will not increase your balance sheet by buying feed,ect. from you...best luck too all that have survived so far...we may need that packing -processing capacity when one of the bigger players calls it quits in Ontario--regards-k g

We need to keep up our secondary leg in the infrastucture.
Not that long ago we were short of hookspace.
Not that long ago one of the major processors treatened to close the doors if they did not get things done their way.
Take a look at the location where our second largest processor is operating.
Most likely not for an other twentyfive years
The next six to nine months the hog numbers will continue to drop. But than there be a turn around.
It takes upto nine months or more to increase production, it takes a lot longer to build hookspaces.
So get going...............

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