Producers gear up to fight pork board changes

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One producer is calling for a plebiscite to determine support of stripping Ontario Pork of its marketing powers and more protest is in the works, says a Perth County producer.


I guess I don't understand why dissident pork producers seem to be focusing on these type of issues at all

It would seem to me that when the largest packer in the Province, Maple Leaf, is planning to close (and with no buyer or replacement packer in sight), and given the introduction of the COOL legislation in the US, this type of bickering amongst producers appears to me to be little more than "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic"

This generation of pork producers is about to learn again that only collective action and working together is key to individual survival. When will we ever learn?
Signed: a retired pork producer that lived through the birth of the OPPA and the lessons learned from the FAME fiasco.

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