Proposal to tax craft cider along the same lines as craft beer earns sweet accolades from Ontario apple growers

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So now we are going to take away good wholesome food and make booze with it . Sure sounds like the right thing to do for children .

There are Tons of apples wasted every year because of no market.Craft Cider is a growing industry and being diagnosed with Celiac disease a few years back gives us former beer drinkers a good alternative.

So was there not a new program where as the un perfect foods could be given to food banks and such for tax deductible receipts ? So now every apple will go to the booze market before it will even be considered to go to the fruit market and won't get there unless there is a price increase in the fresh market . So food will go for food and fresh apples will increase in price so the poorest can't afford them .
Sorry to hear of your disease . You lived with out booze for how long but now seem to think it is a must . Weird !

A tad over-dramatic,if there is a shortage of Ontario apples in any given year its because of an early frost nipping buds, such as this year and not because of a huge demand from the craft cider people.
10% by 2018 can be easily achieved, l can almost see the Amish planting new orchards as l type.

not sure who said booze is a must but if your looking for an alternative to beer, they are making better ciders everyday.

Not being dramatic at all . There will be some who will liken this to food vs fuel .
Sad part is people and gov really don't know the importance of food . Farmers are now getting fed up with Gov and are now looking to other markets to make money . This story confirms that .

Beginning to sound more like anti-booze rant than anti-Government.Barley has been used in beer making for centuries and no one has likened it to the food vs fuel issue.Why would apples be any different ?
This is simply a chance for fruit growers to grow more apples for an increasing market, with the Governments help not hindrance.

Gov is showing how they are not supportive of farms and farm products produced unless they are getting tax dollars . Further Gov is supporting small micro things rather than the bigger GDP of the province or the country . They are determined to do any thing but support primary Ag .

People have gotten all hell bent on ethanol being bad and look at it as taking food out of mouths . You can live with out booze but you won't live long with out food .
Never said it was bad . New markets are good . Just showing the other side of the equation is all .

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