Public wants cage change now say spokespeople for animal rights groups

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The above institutions only ask for cage free eggs or stall free pork,grasss fed beef,ect. as they use it for a marketing niche as it has nothing to do with animal welfare or food safety . Its time our marketing boards step up and get the real facts out of why these systems are used and the benefits that they provide to everyone. The true agenda of many of these organizations are too eliminate animal agriculture and turn the world into vegans. The ones responsible for releasing the mink stated if they did enough financial harm too producers they will either quit or be forced out.
A very concerned pork producer.

Please do not publish my name as we do fear repercussions from these organizations

I would say that asking for an end to caged animals has everything to do with animal welfare, and that it would be difficult for marketing boards to show benefits of cage systems to the animals involved. Consumers are starting to want a better life for the animals they eat, and look to animal welfare organizations to speak to producers on their behalf.

It makes some sort of convoluted sense for the Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) to defend keeping hens in cages, because after all, we, in Canada, put consumers in cages and call it supply management.

Or, in other words, what's supposedly good for consumers under the yoke of supply management should also be good for the hens.

If only EFO cared as much about consumers as they claim to care about hens!

Stephen Thompson, Clinton ON

The fastest way to move to cage free eggs in Canada would be by allowing anyone to enter the market.
In addition, cage free eggs could be produced for far-less money than caged and quota produced eggs.
It's all about respect.

Raube Beuerman

Super easy solution . Call it a new class not under SM and do not allow current SM producers to fill the market . Or bring them in from south of the border .

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